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Welcome to the Grand Vey Cattery...

My small Cattery is situated on the Manche department coast, with fantastic view over the sea front. On the North side, far off, the famous beach of Utah Beach, famous since June 6th, 1944 and the landing of the Allies, on the other side, the weld of Grandcamp, farther behind the Pointe du Hoc. 80 km from Caen, 15 km from Carentan, 45 km from Cherbourg. Nature sometimes offers me wonderful sunrises.


During summer, when the sea withdraws, we can see tens of seals which come to warm themselves in the sun, waiting that the sea returns.

I live in a plain-foothouse on a big ground decorated with an orchard and a kitchen garden in which one I use no typical chemical fertilizer or insecticide !

Cattery was built next to the house. A beautiful space constituted by a room tiled with two windows and a cat-hole looking onto a completely secured enclosure. A tree with natural cat is planted for the happiness of cats and kittens there which like perching there and making their claws. The space is warmed at need. My kittens go there when they are in hot season or in projection. A babyphone allows me a constant supervision.

Hens and cocks which are free all day long and return under cover in the henhouse in the evening! So I have fresh and bio eggs !

One beauceron : Voyou, who is in his 9th year. After the rough loss of his sister Valentine (7 years old) of the consequences of an intervention, her mother, Orphée, left us in almost 15 years old. He ends up alone from now on. He lives in the house, takes advantage of big spaces of the ground and sometimes goes to the adjacent kennel. But at night he is always in the house.

I am a widow, a retired woman and thus  I dedicate myself completely to my animals.