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Food - Care - Standards of the race of the Burmese - Character - The Price of a Kitten


My cats are almost exclusively fed by domestic rations with fresh meat (chicken mainly), of a little very cooked rice with vegetables, with vitamins and mineral complements, some sunflower oil, some brewer's yeast in glitter, the whole prepared with love. I also give them some goat's milk more easily digestible than the cow's milk.

They are fed at will, the food and the water are changed in the morning and evening (bowls and plates changed also). I noticed that cats like having water sources in several places, they drink more gladly somewhere else that next to their food.

Some good quality croquettes from time to time as candy in addition.
Later, according to the taste of your cat, you can decorate. My cats like the cow-qui-rit, the ham, the Swiss young, the minced meat of raw ox(beef) or after a round trip in the frying pan, the Swiss cheese, the smoked salmon...
The Burmese has a very modest appetite and is not easily obese.


A brushing twice a week is enough, except in March-April, period of metamorphosis(slough) during which it is necessary to brush cats almost daily. Generally the cat estimates this grooming but if it is not the case, content yourselves with a few minutes of brushing repeated several times during the day. This brushing is indispensable, the cat by having a wash swallows the dead hairs where from a risk for its health (ball of fluff that he will regurgitate at best, otherwise risk of intestinal obstruction). Feel reassured, you will find the technique for the brushing with the practice and the behavior of your cat. To do it, a brush and/or a metallic comb with teeth of the same length and rather wide. We can also use a rubber supple brush which will mass well the skin.

Do not forget to clean eyes and ears regularly.


Recognized dresses

Category: point
Divisions: solid and white, tabby and white, silver / smoke and white (all with mitted motive only)

Authorized marriage: sacred of Burma x Crowned by Burma

Sacred of Burma, conscript so Burmese, is a race which was created in France at the beginning of the XXth century from a crossing between a Persian and a gloved Siamese of white. However, numerous legends run(roam) on his(her,its) account so much he(it) fascinate with its blue glance sapphire, its white four feet and his(her,its) long and soft fur.
Of impressive appearance, this cat naked colourpoint cat at the middle-length is considerable average in strong, with a heavy skeleton with regard to its size.

Head : Medium-sized, the head is wide, triangular with round outlines. Cheeks are full. The forehead is slightly rounded off. The line of the profile goes on by a slightly concave change of direction at the level of eyes. Without stop, the nose is Roman, that is hooked.

Snout : Of average length, the snout is wide, without pinch. The chin is strong.

Eyes : Big, almost round, they are spaced out well one of the other one and the blue color the most intense possible.

Ears : Ears are considerable average, almost so wide as high. Spaced out by the width of an ear, they have a round end. The inside is supplied well.

Neckline : Medium-sized, the neckline is developed the muscle well.

Body :Sacred of Burma has a body of long, powerful and massive size with a right(straight) and regular back.

Legs : Averagely high, legs have a strong skeleton and a good muscle structure.

Feet : Big, round and firm.

Tail : Medium-sized, the tail is proportionned with the body.

Dress and color : The Long Middle, the fur is very silky. Short on the face, it stretches out gradually from cheeks towards a ruffle, very estimated especially to males. The fur is long on the back etles sides. The sub-hair is little plentiful and light. The hair can frizz slightly on the stomach.

Remark : Seasonal changes must be considered in the judgment of the length of the dress.

Gloves and spurs :legs before, in front of and behind, have white gloves ending in a straight line, ideally in the junction between the foot and the leg. The back legs have white gloves in front of going back up behind the leg and ending sharp of half in the three-quarters of the heel. A regularity enters the height of gloves before and back is desirable.

Small cushions : pink and/or color Color corresponding to the basic color of the cat.
Penalties : important Ascent of the white of gloves or spurs or, on the contrary, gantage too short. White marks under the throat or the stomach.

Refusal of everything titles : "Siamese ", " British" Type of head or "Persian". Straight nose. Lack of substance, fine skeleton. Spots of colour in gloves or spurs. Nearly be of white (a finger or more) in the supposed parts put gloves. White marks in points. Faults and general defects eliminating heats in exhibition.


( Ref. : the Guide Hachette of the Cat, Hachette)

Less painless than the Persian, the Burmese is "also less sparkling" than a Siamese. A pleasant compromise in a way. Affectionate, often a little bit possessive, the Burmese is very attached to its master. Rather talkative, he answers discreetly when we call him. It is a cat of a good emotional stability, sometimes an independent bit and a ham actor. He wishes to participate in the family activities and shows himself sociable with his congeners, dogs and the children. In front of foreigners, he is sometimes a little bit distant but does not delay showing itself friendly. Under his stately and composed behaviour, he hides talents of passionate hunter. In big sportsman, he estimates(appreciates) a garden with trees, that the owner will take care of surrounding with an electric fencing. In brief the Burmese is an easy to live cat, provided that we take care of him.

Characteristics :
The Burmese must be long, solid and squat. The head is strong, wide, round with a short nose, of an average length. The expression is soft and the face is endowed with full cheeks, with a slightly round snout and with a solid chin. The medium-sized ears, are spread well and possess rounded off extremities. Eyes are round and blue, the deepest tints having the preference in exhibition. The Burmese possesses solid members, average length. Feet are round, wide and white, essential characteristic of this cat. Gloves on legs before, rather symmetric, draw a line marking the foot, at the level of the second or third articulation or the just man between both. The marks on the back legs cover all the foot and extebd to the back of the back of the knee. These marks are called gauntlets. Gloves and Gauntlets have to correpond. Smallcushions are pink or pink speckled whith the color of the extremities. The tail is bushy and of an average length. The long and silky coast is not however so thick as that of the Persian and does not get tangled if we take care of eliminating thr dead hairs. Of clear color, he seems sometimes strewed with gold. "Points" : mask, ear, leg and tail are more darkened as those of the Siameses and Persians long-haired colourpoint cat.

The Price of a Kitten

Do not think that the sale of a kitten is going to allow the breeder to make its living... The breeding COSTS more than it brings back... The price of a company kitten is between 850 and 1200€.
Thus see :
Purchase price of a kitten of reproduction and/or exhibition, the price can go to 2000€.
Veterinary annual Costs : vaccines, Tests Leucose, IVF(IN VITRO FERTILIZATION), NOSE + PKD, and test blood group 500€.
Exhibition to confirm quality of the cat. From age of 10 months, the reproduction cat should reach, at least, a "excellent".
( 50€ for the exhibition, 100€ for the traveling costs, the housing, the decorations, etc.) 150€.
If the breeder possesses a very good reproduction cat, he will aim at " champion's " title with, at 3 titled exhibitions,
- Then "INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION" ( IC) with three other exhibitions, of which one abroad,
By mattering, obviously approximately 150€ minimum for every exhibition, and most when the exhibition is abroad and when it's necessary to sleep on the spot! In addition…
Purchase of the cat, veterinary costs, 1 exhibition. 2 150€.

Annual costs for a reproduction cat:
Quality food in the daytime = 90€ / month 1080€.
Litter 10€ / month annual veterinary costs 120€ (vaccinations, vermifuges, veterinary fees) 500€.
Annual contribution to a feline club (50€ in 100€) 75€.
Annual spending for a reproduction cat 1775€.

Projection, gestation, birth, and breeding costs of kittens (counted on a reach of 4 kittens - Which is already exceptional) :
Projection costapproximately, (but it can go to 1200€ depending on the title of the male!) + declaration of projection 500€.
Additional vitamins and supplement of superior-quality food (2 months pregnancy and 3 months of feeding) in the daytime for 5 months 300€.
Notification of birth ( 4 kittens) 40€.
Food and litter for 4 kittens from the 5th week until the 12th week = 8 weeks.
( 3€/jour/par kitten) 672€.
Firstly vaccination in 9 weeks (60€ x 4) 240€.
Vaccination in 12 weeks (60€ x 4) 240€.
4 certificates of good health 80€.
4 demands of pedigrees (4 x 25€) 100€.
Vermifuges for the mother and the kittens, and possibly also for the other cats present 100€.
Cost of places cleaning and disinfection 100€.
Total cost of projection, gestation, breeding of a reach of 4 kittens 2372€.

- Obviously, besides this cost, it's necessary to take account of the purchase of the breeder, spread out over its breeder's career…
Annual spending for a reproduction cat 1775€
If the cat reproduces, in its life, at the very most once a year over 7 years, its initial purchase is thus shared on 7 thus 2150€ / 7 = 307€ (mostly a breeder will make only 2 or 3 reaches in her breeder's career ! ) 307€
Total cost a year,
- Of projection,
- Gestation,
- Reach's breeding of 4 kittens. 2372€
Total of expenses for a reach of 4 kittens, thus 1113€ / kitten..
For a reach 3 kittens: 3838€ / 2 = 1279€ / kitten for a reach 2 kittens: 3673€ / 2 = 1836€ / kitten …

It's necessary to be aware that most of the reaches are 2 or 3 kittens and costs are identical for projection, gestation and lactation 4454€. .

Projection, gestation, birth, and breeding expenses of kittens (based on a reach of 4 kittens - Which is already exception) :
Projection Expenses approximatively, (but it can go to 1200€ depending on male's title !) + projection statement 500€.
Additional vitamins and supplement of superior-quality food (2 months pregnancy and 3 months of feeding) in the daytime for 5 months 300€.
Birth Notifications ( 4 kittens) 40€.
Food and litter for 4 kittens from the 5th week until the 12th week = 8 weeks. (3€/jour/each kitten) 672€.
Firstly vaccination of 9 weeks (60€ x 4) 240€.
Vaccination of 12 weeks (60€ x 4) 240€.
4 good health certificates 80€.
4 pedigrees requests (4 x 25€) 100€.
Vermifuges for mother and kittens, and possibly also for other present cats 100€.
Cleaning and disinfection of places Expenses 100€.
Total projection, gestation and breeding cost of a 4 kittens reach = 2372€.

Prices are actual expenses, without counting :
- The time,
- The travels at the veterinarian,
- The material prices for the putting-bottom, nursery, and numerous washings …
- Toys
- Cats Trees
- A secure park
- Advertising for kittens
- Telephone time with possible future buyers,
- Visiting time…
- Possible expenses of surgery due to health complications , difficult putting-bottom, caesarian (count approximately 1000€)
- Or, worse, a cat death in the breeding which is irreplaceable!

Here is …
The breeder of purebred cats, as you can see, is often overdrawn !
But chiefly the breeder is fascinated by his cats !