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My story with this wonderful race began a day when I went to my friend Liliane L. She had a Cattery and especially a standard, Aloxe Corton de Srinagar, very famous blue standard. But in this time I admit that I didn’t know anything about them and also I didn’t know the importance of this quality. I was in search of a kitten, she had one, regrettably, he had a drop of milk, but me it didn’t disturb me, I was seduced at once by his glance and his sweetness. Jules Chevalier d'Ô de la Barre, the son of Aloxe Corton de Srinagar, was castrated at once, he had 5 months. We lived happy together  thirteen years. He was always part of the journey, between Normandy and Paris region. But he had a clear preference for the big Normandy spaces.

I had an immense sorrow when he left and i said to myself  that I will not have anymore. But the lack was too strong. It is then that Liliane put me in touch with another Cattery.
After long phone conversations and meetings, one day I returned home with Duchess, magnificent blue Burmese. During her  first exit in exhibition to Ploemel, she finished first one against 55 kittens (in 3/6 month)!


One month later I adopted Di-Lady, attractive kitten seal silver tabby, it is the love one concentrated! Then Elaïa, magnificent seal tortie, intelligent, affectionate and a golden caractere.

I was not able to keep Duchess who was confided to a friend because regrettably she did not support the life in community. She lives at the moment happy with Eliane, her new mistress, where she is the only object of her attention. I see her again and have some news regularly as well as photos. My cats are live with me inside the house and have access to all the rooms. They also have access outside in the big enclosure of the cattery completely secured when the weather is beautiful. They also have access to a big very terrace completely secure). They have all my love and all the care necessary for their well-being. They live in accordance with dogs. Several cattrees almost everywhere in the house are ready to welcome them. Pillows, hammocks, iglooes, the very wide choice for them and the babies if necessary.


When kittens are born, they live in my bedroom first month. Then, during weaning time and to become clean, they are in a tiled room. It lasts approximately a week max. Kittens learn very fast the cleanliness especially if we help them a bit.

Then they discover little by little the other parts of the house. The knowledge with dogs is quite naturally made.

Kittens are so socialized, used to various noises, to the dogs, to the persons who come home, of this fact they have an excellent character.
Useless maybe to tell you that I treat them from the birth and that they become used very well to the contact of the human being! Kisses, caresses, cuddles, they are rather fond of it and demonstrate well their satisfaction by sound purring. They become used to my voice and run up when I call them.